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StepWell Sanitizing Mat by Uncle Mats

Other Mats and Accessories

Our other Matting Solutions range from Standing Desk Mats to Kneeling Mats, Directional Mats, Forklift Mats, and almost everything in between. Installation accessories as well.

Bar Impressions Mat

Secure your glassware and protect your bar top from spills and splatters with custom-branded, slip-resistant bar service mats.

Clean Stride Mat

The Clean Stride mat features a WaterHog mat followed by an adhesive surface that captures smaller dust and dirt. Just two steps on a Clean Stride adhesive insert removes over 90% of dirt particles, making this mat ideal for clean rooms, healthcare facilities, school gymnasiums, server rooms, and other areas sensitive to dirt and dust particles.

Desk Chair Mat

The beauty of an accent rug meets the functionality of a chair mat. Designed for use on hard floors, M+A Desk Chair Mats not only help protect your floor, they add some visual interest to your office space. Ditch the boring plastic mat for a beautiful design that won't crack and split like vinyl mats.

Kneeling Comfort Mat

Kneeling Comfort is an anti-fatigue kneeling mat designed to alleviate the pain associated with kneeling for long periods or kneeling on hard surfaces.

Switchboard (Non-Conductive) Matting

Switchboard mats are non-conductive mats designed for use in high voltage areas.
Corrugated Switchboard - Designed to protect workers from electrical shock by insulating against high voltage

WaterHog Boot Tray

The WaterHog Boot Tray helps protect floors from melting snow, slush, salt, and sand. The durable stain-resistant tray features a unique bi-level design and a water dam border that traps and contains dirt and moisture, helping keep your floors clean, dry, and safe.

WaterHog Forklift Mat

WaterHog Forklift mats effectively remove moisture and dirt from forklift wheels to minimize tracking and potential slip hazards. They are ideal for use in areas where forklifts enter and exit buildings.

Anchor Pads

Anchor pads are designed to help affix mats and modular tiles to the floor to prevent movement.

Double Sided Tape

Double-sided tap is designed for use with tiles and mats to help prevent movement. The blue liner is silicone-coated for easy removal.

Ground Wire Accessories

The ground wire and snap are used to connect mats with an ESD rating of electrically conductive to a building ground.

Rubber Spacers

Designed for use with WaterHog Tiles, WaterHog Eco Tiles, and WaterHog Modular Tiles.


Teebaud is designed for placement under mats to help prevent movement. It can be used on any floor surface with smooth-back or cleated-back mats. It is not recommended for use with heavy cart traffic.

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