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About Uncle Mats

Silly name, serious problem solvers.  It all started with a phone call, as most great ideas do.  However, this family business began almost by accident.  Like most Uncle / Nephew long-distance-relationships, phone calls were typically about growing families and planning trips to see everyone soon.  Life always seemed to get in the way.  Rarely were there communications about business, besides the common place "How's work?"; nevermind plans to work together.  

But when two individuals share the same desire to do for others and have their individual skill sets that just seem to mesh with each other, well, it was inevitable.   Uncle Mats was born.

But utimately it is not About Us, it is about presenting your Reputation and Appearance that your customers expect.

Looking for some assitance?

We are always (well during business hours) here to help.

From help designing YOUR Logo Mat, advice on our products, or need some consulting on a larger project. Feel free to reach out.
Uncle Mats
Uncle Mats and Supply, Inc.

1330 West Newport Center Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
info@unclemats.com 954-751-9800
For your disposable gloves and all of your PPE requirements, please visit: