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SuperScrape Mat - Uncle Mats

Scraper Mats, Entrance Matting Zone 1

Commercial businesses keep the world running by offering the essential goods and services people need.  The hustle and bustle of these businesses create various challenges that can slow operations down.  UNCLE MATS' solutions are designed to create safe, clean, and more comfortable environments to help both customers and employees achieve their goals.  Proper anti-fatigue matting can help employees maintain their productivity, while proper entrance matting can help you save money by reducing the cost associated with keeping your facility clean.

Brush Hog Mat

Designed for outdoor use, the Brush Hog mat features coarse nylon fibers that aggressively remove dirt and moisture from shoes to keep your floors clean and dry.

Flex Tip Mat

Flex Tip mats feature thousands of finger-like tips designed to scrape dirt from shoes.

Frontier Mat

The Frontier mat is an unbacked vinyl-loop scraper mat designed for wet areas including locker rooms, shower rooms, and around pools.

Safety Scrape Mat

Safety Scrape mats feature a molded grip surface designed to provide excellent traction and scrape tough dirt and grime from shoes. It's ideal for use as a slip-resistant mat in wet areas or outside as a scraper mat.

SuperScrape Mat

SuperScrape mats feature molded tread surface cleats that effectively scrape tough dirt and grime from shoes. They are ideal for use outside as a scraper mat or as a slip-resistant mat in wet areas.

SuperScrape Impressions Mat

SuperScrape Impressions mats feature your custom logo or artwork overlaid onto a SuperScrape mat. Multi-color images are created by molding a digitally printed polymetric material into the durable nitrile rubber surface of the mat.

SuperScrape Plus Mat

SuperScrape Plus mats feature a multi-directional molded tread pattern that effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime from shoes. The unique drainable borders help filter water off the mat, making it ideal for use outside as a scraper mat or as a slip-resistant mat in wet areas.

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