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Commercial Matting

Scraper Mats

Scraper mats are designed for placement outside to stop mud and large debris from entering your building.  These mats provide aggressive scraping action to remove dirt and debris from shoes and trap it in recessed areas.
Scraper Mats

WaterHog MATS

The second line of defense are WaterHog (Scraper/Wiper) mats.
Depending on your entryway and the mat you choose, WaterHog mats can be placed indoors or outdoors. WaterHog mats have the bi-level surface construction that removes and traps dirt below foot level.
WaterHog Mats

Carpeted MATS

Carpeted (Wiper) mats finish off this trifecta by wiping that last bit of dust and moisture off your shoes.   Solid ColorStar mats are also available with the same fade-resistant, stain-resistant, eco-friendly PET surface.  OrMicroLuxx or Plush if you’re looking for something ultra-absorbent.
Carpeted Mats


Logo (Wiper) mats are even a better finisher for those who wish to promote their brand.  Uncle Mats offers several logo mat options to aid in the promotion of your company like our ColorStar Impressions mats.  



Berber Impressions HD Logo Mat by Uncle Mats

Berber Impressions

Berber Impressions mats feature your custom logo or message digitally printed on a Berber mat. These mats are ideal for use as slip-resistant entrance mats to showcase your custom logo or artwork, or in any area where moisture, tracking, or dripping occurs.

Classic Impressions Logo Mat by Uncle Mats

Classic Impressions

Classic Impressions mats feature your custom logo or artwork digitally printed on nylon carpet. Choose from 26 standard color options.

Color Star Impressions Logo Mat by Uncle Mats

Color Star Impressions

ColorStar Impressions mats feature your custom logo or artwork digitally printed on eco-friendly PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fabric.

Floor Impressions Mat by Uncle Mats

Floor Impressions

Floor Impressions mats feature your custom logo or artwork overlaid onto 3/16″ solid nitrile rubber. Multi-color images are created by molding a digitally printed polymetric material into the durable nitrile rubber surface of the mat.

Grand Impressions HD Logo Mat by Uncle Mats

Grand Impressions

Grand Impressions HD mats feature your custom logo or artwork digitally printed on nylon carpet in high definition with photographic quality and with serged borders. Choose from 150 standard color options.

All Logo Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing for long periods of time restricts blood flow to the lower extremities, causing soreness and fatigue. Anti-Fatigue Mats provide support to muscles in the lower legs and backand promote subtle movement in the leg and calf muscles which results in increased blood and oxygen flow.
Anti-Fatigue Mats

Flow-Through MATS

Flow-Through mats are designed for wet environments. The surface offers extra traction while the holes allow liquid to pass through to help eliminate slipping hazards. Flow-Through mats also provide excellent antifatigue benefits for workers.
Flow Through Mats

Slip-Resistant MATS

With slip-and-fall accidents comprimising the majority of worker’s compensation claims and a large share of unintended injuries in general, it is more important than ever to insure that surfaces are as slip resistant as possible.
Slip Resistant Mats

Absorbent MATS

Tracked grease and oil can stain floors and create slip-and-fall hazards. Absorbent Mats are ideal for soaking up contaminants such as hydraulic fluid, coolant, water, condensation, oils, and solvents.
Absorbent Mats

Restroom MATS

Our Restroom Mats are commercially launderable and designed for long-term use, making them ideal for those seeking an eco-friendly alternative. Helps prevent odors and protects floors.
Restroom Mats

Other MATS/ Accessories

View our other Matting Solutions from Standing Desk Mats to Kneeling Mats, Directional Mats, Forklift Mats, and almost everything in between.

Installation accessories as well.
Other Mats

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