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Tuff Comfort Standing Desk Mat

TuffComfort standing desk mats provide workers with a comfortable, healthy alternative to sitting throughout their workday, minimizing the negative effects on the body associated with sitting for long periods of time.
  • Comfortable - Polyurethane cushion runs edge-to-edge and provides excellent anti-fatigue properties to alleviate pain from extended standing; overall mat thickness is 3/4"
  • Durable - PET fabric surface is permanently bonded to a durable rubber layer that makes the mat resistant to punctures from high heels
  • Safe - Features beveled edges, providing a seamless transition from floor to mat; edges will not crack or curl
  • Stain Resistant - PET fabric is naturally stain resistant, making it easy to remove stains from the mat
  • Eco-Friendly - PET fabric surface is made from 90% recycled content reclaimed from plastic

Manufacturer: M+A Matting
Product Number 5230

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